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  Seminar Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Sensors Powered by Ocean Thermal Energy Abstract: This talk will describe a new stand-alone power system to harvest temperature differentials in the ocean.Ai?? This is a unique power source underwater in the absence of … Continue reading

HKUST ODMP – SCSIO joint workshop on ocean circulation and dynamics

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A workshop on ocean circulation and dynamics was held in FYTRI, HKUST (Nansha) on 16th Oct. 2015. The workshop was jointly organized by Prof. Jianping Gan (ODMP HKUST) and Profs. Ping Shi, Ruixin Huang (SCSIO).

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  Seminar Recent Advances in Turbidity Current Research Abstract: Turbidity currents hold the key to many fundamental questions in the fields of marine geology and sedimentology. Knowledge of turbidity currentsai??i?? cause and destructive nature has direct application in marine hazard … Continue reading

Seminar The complexity in sediment dynamics in the marginal sea: the diversity and role Abstract: In marginal seas there is a large diversity in the physical (size and bulk density) and geochemical characteristics of suspended sediments due to their sources … Continue reading

Seminar OBSERVATIONAL AND MODELING STUDY OF OCEAN CIRCULATION, AIR-SEA INTERACTIONS, AND BIOGEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES OFF THE U.S. EASTERN SEABOARD AND GULF OF MEXICO COAST Abstract: Quantifying the coastal ocean response to climate changes requires us to first define the intrinsic coastal … Continue reading

Seminar Deep Ocean Warming Assessed from Satellite Observations, Upper-Ocean Measurements, and a Non-Boussinesq OGCM Abstract: Observational surveys have shown significant oceanic bottom-water warming, but they are too spatially and temporally sporadic to quantify the deep ocean contribution to the present … Continue reading

Seminar Interannual modulation of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) on the low-latitude western North Pacific Speaker : Prof. Chau-Ron WU, Research Chair Professor and Director, Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology, Department of Earth Science, National Taiwan Normal University … Continue reading

Seminar Study of Seasonal Variability and Heat Budget of the East Australian Current Using Two Eddy-resolving Ocean Circulation Models Speaker : Prof. Xiao Hua Wang, University of New South Wales, Australia Date : 13 June 2013, Thursday Time : 2:00 … Continue reading


  Seminar Modeling and observational studies on the Changjiang River plume Speaker : Dr. Hui Wu, Associate Professor, East China Normal University, Shanghai Date : 2 May 2013, Thursday Time : 2:00 p.m. Venue : Room 1003, IENV (Lift 4), … Continue reading


  Seminar Analysis of deep-layer and bottom circulations in the South China Sea based on eight quasi-global ocean model outputs Speaker : Dr. Dongxiao Wang, LTO, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China Date : … Continue reading