Research strategy

Numerical simulation:

The model development and modeling study are important component in investigating ocean circulation and its associated biogeochemical responses. They will be utilized to interpolate and/or extrapolate the spatially and temporally limited field measurements in understanding the processes and dynamics that govern the ocean circulation and biogeochemical cycle in the China Sea. The model and modeling study are also the necessary and effective tools for diagnostic and prognostic studies of physical-biogeochemical processes in the China Sea. The main objective of this study is to develop a coupled physical-biogeochemical model that is physically/biologically suitable for continental shelves and marginal seas in China Sea.With ocean models, we can:

  • Develop and enhance understanding;
  • Quantify descriptions of processes;
  • Synthesize and consolidate our knowledge;
  • Establish interaction of theory and observation;
  • Develop predictive potential;Simulate scenarios of past and future developments.




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