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  Seminar 1 Nitrogen flows in marine system Abstract: Nitrogen limits productivity in most of the ocean. To understand how nitrogen flows in a system is crucial in many aspects. Due to multiple micro-organism’s competing metabolism, nitrogen cycles rapidly through … Continue reading

mapping cruise in July and August 2017

  Seminar Evidence of rising and poleward shift of storm surge in western North Pacific in recent decades Speaker: Prof. Leo OEY, Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-sen University Abstract Recently, there has been considerable interest in examining how sea-level … Continue reading

  Seminar Mixed-layer current and cyclonic eddy induced by global tropical cyclones Speaker: Prof. Ruo-Shan TSENG, Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-sen University Abstract Global velocity data from drifters of the Surface Velocity Program and the sea surface height and … Continue reading

Order reminyl manufacturer Seminar Satellite remote sensing of air-sea CO2 flux About the speaker: Dr. Yan Bai is professor with the SOED Second Institute of Oceanography, with research interests in ocean carbon cycling and Oceanography, ocean optics and bio-optics Models. … Continue reading

  Seminar Progress on marine satellite remote sensing applications in China About the speaker: Prof. Delu Pan is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering ( Expert of Marine Remote Sensing ) with the SOED Second Institute of Oceanography of … Continue reading

  Seminar Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Sensors Powered by Ocean Thermal Energy Abstract: This talk will describe a new stand-alone power system to harvest temperature differentials in the ocean.Ai?? This is a unique power source underwater in the absence of … Continue reading

  Seminar Recent Advances in Turbidity Current Research Abstract: Turbidity currents hold the key to many fundamental questions in the fields of marine geology and sedimentology. Knowledge of turbidity currentsai??i?? cause and destructive nature has direct application in marine hazard … Continue reading

Seminar The complexity in sediment dynamics in the marginal sea: the diversity and role Abstract: In marginal seas there is a large diversity in the physical (size and bulk density) and geochemical characteristics of suspended sediments due to their sources … Continue reading

Seminar OBSERVATIONAL AND MODELING STUDY OF OCEAN CIRCULATION, AIR-SEA INTERACTIONS, AND BIOGEOCHEMICAL PROCESSES OFF THE U.S. EASTERN SEABOARD AND GULF OF MEXICO COAST Abstract: Quantifying the coastal ocean response to climate changes requires us to first define the intrinsic coastal … Continue reading